healing services with mind.body.soul

Healing down to your core

Everything you need to know will rise up in you and from you

I provide evidence and then give a message from a loved one who has crossed to the other side/gone to heaven. This is very comforting if you have never received a message from a departed love one.

Facilitate residential or non-residential retreats i.e. 3 - 7 days or 1 night 1 week apart for 3 weeks and 3 hours each night or whatever works for your group. I am more than happy to work with you and/or your group to procure the best retreat for your purpose.

The oldest form of energy healing. Done in quiet-sacred space. My form of energy balancing, and unblocking stuck energy so you can be free flowing.

It can take the forms such as: 
- Illumination (if you'd like to learn more about what Illumination is, please visit my alma matter, The Four Winds Society, for a fantastic article they wrote about it.)
- Extraction either fluid or solid
- Soul Retrieval or Energy Balancing (another great article to help deepen you understanding about what a soul retrieval is)

Spiritual Healing
Everything you need is right inside you - Stephanie will guide, with word and actions, what you so desire from your higher self.
If it is a healing, you will be healed.
If it is answers you seek - it will be answers.
If it is peace you seek - it will be peace.
If it is calm you seek - it will be calm.

Welcome - Come for all is prepared exclusively for you.
Spiritual Union Ceremony

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