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Healing arts is more than just the physical

Who is Stephanie?
Life is full of possibilities. That's something I live by. I plan to continue and expand my presence in the experiential arena of Spirituality, Self-Healing, Self-Discovery and Self-Love. I continue to provide group retreats both residential and non-residential and will seek out organizations and businesses that have an interest in helping their customers and coworkers find their ability to "be present".



I Guide you to let the healer inside of you heal. I Assist you in unblocking stuck energy so your physical, emotional and mental body can have relief and new found lightness and brightness.


Provide evidence and then give a message from a loved one who has crossed to the other side/gone to heaven. This is very comforting if you have never received a message from a departed love one.

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Shamanic energy medicine

The oldest form of energy healing. Done in quiet-sacred space. My form of energy balancing, and unblocking stuck energy, so you can be free flowing.

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Affirmations from past clients

A workshop or retreat with Stephanie, no matter what the subject, will include practical information and meaningful exchanges with her and other participants…all wrapped up in activities where self-expression is encouraged and interactions are fun. All in all, a memorable

Stephanie presents new concepts and facilitates discussion with such kindness. She builds a very safe space. I would recommend this workshop to anyone with a lot on their plate, anyone who is in the midst of disaster, or anyone who could someday experience disaster.

I'm so appreciative to have had a chance to attend these sessions with Stephanie. These sessions have been content based, and incredibly informative, but that is not what will stick with me the most. The topics that were brought up along the way have helped me to open up my mind and be more aware to acknowledge the moments in my life that are not simply interesting coincidences but that have been the moments in my life that have been of profound importance. Stephanie has a beautiful, open presence that promotes a wonderful environment for learning about topics that can feel entirely foreign at first. I can't wait to have another chance to be a part of this learning environment. Thank you, thank you, for guiding us!

Stephanie is a loving guide. She meets you where you are on your journey and offers understanding. Her style is down-to-earth, loving, and full of light. I was fortunate to have a session with Steph. It was life changing. She drew in my needs and created a whole spirit for me to work with. She worked with "others" to aid in my plan. Her work was loving, kind and spirit filled. Thank you for helping me find my smile again.

I am passionate about my healing gift. I love to use it for the highest good of every client. I know that only pure 100% white light flows through my hands, words, and deeds.