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l Resonate With You as a Healer, What Do You Recommend I Do With You for My First Session?

Either Reiki, which to me is like laying on of hands, letting Devine Energy flow through me, out through my hands, and it is all knowing and goes right where it is needed in your body; followed by a Mediumship reading for you. A loved one who has crossed to the other side will come through with a loving message for you. I am constantly amazed at how freeing their message is for the recipient.


An Illumination. If you have an emotion that you would like to eliminate from your body or not have affect your life, an Illumination is the foundational work of all Shamanic Healing Energy. Some common emotions picked by past clients have been: abandonment, unworthiness, anger, regret, resentment, fear. You pick any emotion you want to release.
The Illumination process is so individualized. Every Illumination I do is so different even though they start out exactly the same. Over the years I have become very comfortable following my Guide's, affectionately known as my Posse, lead.
Any of my gifts can be done remotely. You can be in the comfort of your home or anywhere else you chose. It is just as effective and sometimes I feel even more effective than being with you in person.

Let Me Introduce You To “My Posse".

***As an intuitive, it is natural to communicate with Spirit Guides. I call mine, “My Posse.”

I feel like Spirit Guides can be different for all people, and yes, we all have them. Typically I have heard them referred to as: Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Sprites, Elementals, Ancestors, Medicine Men, Medicine Women, Priests, Priestesses, God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Holy Spirit…(the list goes on and on).  Some refer to their Guides as their Higher Self or their Associates. I call mine, my Posse.

I love to imagine my Posse implies: do-gooders, helpers, the good guys, the protectors—those with a common good cause.  

I am not sure who makes up my Posse as I feel it is ever-changing. As one mentor said, “It is like a revolving door” for me. As I learn something I am to learn, one leaves and another enters. And since I believe it is easier to see us all as “One” on the other side, it is hard to separate them. Most importantly, I "know" them when I feel them.  

My Posse is here to help me whenever I need them. They often guide my hands, words, and deeds with just the right thing to say and do at just the right time.  

And they love me even when I choose a different direction from their suggestions.   They often "speak" to me in very short phrases or even one-word answers. (This also is a common sign that you are hearing from your Guides). The first time I remember hearing them was after I had been fired from a job as a business executive director. I was just starting to read the book, "I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was" by Barbara Sher. I put the book down on my lap and said to myself, "What can I do so I won't lose face with myself?" I clearly heard, "Be self-employed."

The second time, I was just about to graduate from massage school in the summer of 2007.  I had just learned about the Four Winds Society's Healing the Light Body School and said to myself, "I wonder if I should go to that school now?" and I heard either, "Not now." or "Not yet."  (I ended up graduating from that school in fall 2015).

I feel my Guides were very active with me as a child. I remember I had four imaginary students I often taught—two girls and two boys. A lot of the time we were together when I was in the bathroom. They would be lined up sitting on the side of the bathtub. What a fun memory!

I have also heard that, as children, we have as many Guides as we have stuffed animals. I had lots! The stuffed animals represent their Spirit Guides. I recommend that parents not get rid of their child's favorite stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, etc. until the child is ready to let it go.  

My relationship with my Posse continues to grow. It is a special kind of friendship that I know will last ‘til the day I croak and beyond!